Join us virtually during your pet's visit!

Emergency visits are stressful! Contactless visits are even more frustrating. We are excited to offer a platform to enable a consultation with your veterinary team via video chat during your visit.

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Join us virtually during your pet’s visit!

To keep you and our team safe, we have closed our lobby to the public and have instituted limited access to our hospital. We understand how difficult it is to not be in the room during an emergency, and we are grateful for the trust you place in our team. We encourage you to join your veterinary team virtually during your pet’s visit. You are an integral component of your pet’s care!

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How Our Platform Works

It's extremely easy to use our consulting platform. Follow the simple steps below!


Get started with our platform by clicking the ‘Register’ button in the top right corner. There is no fee to sign-up! If you are already registered, simply login with your credentials.

Find Your Consult

Once in the application, click on the pending consultation to join the visit.

Communicate With Your Veterinary Team!

Our unique communication system provides a high quality video chat with your veterinary team within the browser on your phone or desktop, no app install required!

Discharge & Check-Out

After diagnostics and treatments are completed, your pet will be discharged over the phone. You will also receive printed discharge instructions for your records. Contactless payment will be acquired via a text message request. Your veterinary technician will then meet you at the door!